Woman Defeats Depression No Longer Needing Lithium

Woman Defeats Depression No Longer Needing Lithium
After she left university, Janine found herself in a depression, but
began to notice her moods would switch between highs and lows.
Eventually, her mother told her she needed to see a doctor because she
was becoming uncontrollable. The psychiatrist diagnosed her that day
with bipolar and put her on a trail drug to manage it. After about six
months, Janine was switched to a combination of lithium and Celexa.

Over a couple of years, Janine’s dosages slowly increased until she
received the second highest dosage of lithium given. Her mom found out
about Truehope, and they started on the programme right away.

Janine’s story is about her experience with the drugs she took and her
transition to Truehope. She’s been a Truehope customer for over 11
years. She’s married now, and has three children.

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