Suicide safety shield against depression by ‘Brain and Figure’


PATHSALA: A yogic organization from Pathsala – Brain and Figure – started its Defeat Depression and Anti Drug Campaign on the first day of Magh Bihu (14th January).

It was a 500-km bicycle ride. They started this ride from Geetaxatra and their destination was the historic Madhupur Xatra of Kooch Behar, West Bengal set in the 16th century by Srimanta Shankardev.

Experienced adventurer Khanin Roy led the triad of bicyclists. Kankana Medhi and Yogesh Deka, members of Brain and Figure, were the co-bicyclists of this long ride. Bajali SP Dharmendra Kumar Das flagged off the ride.

The team reached historic Madhupur Xatra on 15th January and met chief Xatradhikar Sri Sri Lakshmikanta Mahanta and made him aware of the aims and objectives of the journey.

‘Brain and Figure’ has been conducting adventure programmes for the last six years to save the young generation against depression and drug addiction under the leadership of Khanin Roy.

In 2016, Khanin Roy could successfully cross the Mighty Brahmaputra on the death anniversary of Srimanta Shankardeva. In 2020, he continuously walked for 100 km from Pathsala to Guwahati in 27 hours.

‘Brain and Figure’ contributed a lot to human life, but in the case of the psychological side of human beings, it is not able to do much. To reveal the deepest mystery of life, there is no way other than the way of spirituality, he added. Not medicine but spiritual knowledge can save us from sorrow and misery, Roy said.

Seeker of Astanga Yoga, Khanin Roy has been providing free yoga training irrespective of race, religion, caste, sex in different times. Students, teachers or businessmen who were mentally burdened got good results through getting connected with Khanin Roy, he said.

Though this difficult practice of yoga is not possible in this modern hectic life for general people, we can lead a balanced, healthy and happy life through asanas and pranayamas, he said.

Medical science has no answer to depression.

In this context, nothing will be helpful to resist suicides other than yoga, the organization claims.

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