Link To The IBCC Chapter “Sodium Channel Blocker Toxicity (including tricyclic antidepressants)” And Links To Additional Resources To Add | Tom Wade MD

Today I’ve reviewed the resources I’ve linked to in this post.

First, I reviewed my post, Toxidrome Summary Graphics From Drs. Faidal And Farkas
Posted on April 18, 2021 by Tom Wade MD.

I link to Dr. Josh Farkas’ outstanding IBCC chapter, Sodium Channel Blocker Toxicity (including tricyclic antidepressants), April 26, 2021. Dr. Farkas introduces the topic:

Blockade of the fast cardiac sodium channels is an important component of cardiotoxicity due to many intoxicants.  Historically the most common cause of sodium channel blockade has been tricyclic antidepressant poisoning, but a wide variety of xenobiotics can affect the sodium channels.  Fortunately, close attention to the EKG may be sufficient to reach an accurate diagnosis of sodium channel blockade (regardless of the agent involved).

And finally I reviewed and link to Dr. Weingart’s outstanding EMCrit Podcast 98 – Cyclic (Tricyclic) Antidepressant Overdose. May 14, 2013. The podcast and show notes are a great practical review of what is discussed in Dr. Farkas’ chapter.

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