How To Deal With Depression | 12 Ways To Fight Depression And Anxiety

Here’s how to deal with depression…


A lot of men suffer with depression.

Low mood, anxiety, stress, low self worth and letting ourselves go physically are all symptoms.

1 in 4 men will suffer with depression, but how do you handle it?

With the recent news that £600 million worth of funding will be spent on Mental Health within the UK health system yesterday I wanted to highlight 12 simple and effective ways to boost your mood and relieve depression.

Everyone has bad days…

Bad months, years, even decades.

But how do you pick yourself up?

In America alone, more than 6 million men have depression each year.

A shocking figure, but that’s also only the ones who’ve admitted it and sought help.

Men are also more likely to have an alcohol or drug problem compared to our female counterparts.

80% of those ‘dependent’ on alcohol are men, showing that this is just one of damaging ways men typically deal with low mood and depression.

Depression isn’t nice.

The faster you fall the harder it is to get out of depression, so it’s important to do something today.

‘It’s like falling down a black hole with no escape’ is a good way to put it…

It’s time to stop yourself from falling, and make positive steps towards a brighter future.

In this video I share 12 ways to fight depression and anxiety.

Enjoy 🙂

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