Cure Depression Fast — How Russell Grant Beat Depression Naturally In this video, Astrologer Russell Grant talks frankly about his battle with clincial depression and how he beat it naturally. If you want to cure depression naturally you can. Russell explains, that the first step to happiness is to change your mindset, and really want to beat the depression. Only you can get rid of your limiting thoughts and beliefs. Some people say that depression needs to be treated with drugs. A lot of th time it doesn’t. If you can change your mindset you can do it.

Russell discusses how excercise and losing weight helped him. How re-discovering a sense of purpose and belief allowed him to cure his depression, and then, move on in life. Can you cure depression fast? The answer is “yes, it is possible” simply change your mindset and you will instantly be treating your depression, and therefore be back on the road to health and happiness.

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