It’s all about depression treatment

1.  Consider why you might feel depressed, and if your lifestyle may need changes

2. Exercise releases endorphins, which act like natural anti-depressants. A brisk 20-30 min daily         walk will boost moods, clarity of mind, and energy levels.  

3. Eating regular, nutritious meals stabilises blood sugar reducing mood swings.

4.  Eat serotonin-enhancing food

5.  Avoid caffeine which reduces serotonin levels, the natural feel good chemical.

6.  Expose yourself to sunlight when possible, which can boost mood and increase Vitamin D levels.

7.    Meditate which can lift  moods, relaxing the body and mind, and encourage stillness.

8.  See a therapist, who will unlock emotional pain that give you the freedom to feel lighter and able to move forward. 

9. Check your relationships, and are they pulling on your energy levels or making you feel drained?

10. Always balance work and life, and ensure “me” time is part of your weekly routine. 

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